3D Printed architecture fancy house pavallion

Architecture Highlight – China Pavilion

China House Build Finished Pavillion link arc

China House http://link-arc.com

I call architecture frozen music.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

And what a beautiful piece of music this is. Our friends at link-arc has produced a beautiful sonata. This very intricate design is so delicate that assembling just one of the models will literally break someone’s back and take a couple of months. What if the entire build of the design can be had in just 6 days? From upload to delivery, that is a promise we can make.

Here’s how many parts it takes to build this model:

China House Pavilion architectural kit

China House Model Kit

Would you like to turn that model, into a usable one for all your displays? You have always heard that 3D printing will help bring architecture modeling to the next step, but you probably didn’t know something like this can be completely 3D printed. If you look closely, there’s even an open door inside of the pavilion. There’s also a field of grass sticks, each about 1mm in thickness, standing freely and one can almost imagine it sways with the wind. There’s a gap between each roof tile, with each tile having a detailed marking, which is held on by thin truss. The size of the building cannot fully fit within one entire print job, so it had to be truncated to 3 parts.

Regretfully, our photo studio cannot fit this item in. But worry not, we have a even smaller model for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the music.


China House front 3D Print
China House Split back side
China pavilion side view 2
China House split 3D Printing
China House split view
3D Print split China house side 3
China house split 3D print side view
China house split print 3D printing
3D Printed architecture fancy house pavallion



Smaller scale models:

3D printed China House rose
3D Printed House China pavilion, Robot and rings.
Professional 3D Printed closeup
3D printed China House roof
3D printed China House interior
3D printed China House Side
3D printed China House roof 3
3D printed China House roof 4
3D printed China House
3D printed China House 6
3D printed China House Rails
3D printed China House Rooftop
3D printed China House
3D printed China House Grass
3D printed China House truss

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