Professional prototyping not only takes expensive equipment, but also years of expertise. We are good at making your design reality, so you can focus on making it better.

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Industrial SLA 3d printing reflects amazing details

FDM, SLS, hobby SLA just cannot give you this much detail and scale. Every corner and edges of your design matters, because a great design deserves to be reflected precisely in real life

Professional post processing made affordable.

3D printing gives you fast iteration for proof of concept, but when you need a beautiful product to show your customer or investor, and don’t want tooling to break your bank? Our expertise in post processing can help you achieve that. Don’t worry about getting a crazy expensive quoting. Send us your model. Let us proof it.

Small production with casting

Casting gives you wide range of material to select. Because every replication 100% duplicates the master piece, through perfecting the master piece, we can help you accomplish small production of parts that looks amazing. And because a lot of post processing labor is saved. You get lower cost parts than 3d printing + post processing method. Take a look at our work.