Urethane Casted Car Models

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cars.

A lot of them, in fact. You can even run your own production line; without a lot of upfront commitment. That’s not something every prototype maker will make the promise to. We use cold casting, which does not involve heavy machinery to cut your mold, in fact, we use a rubber mold which is good for up to 100 pieces. Essentially making replicas of 3D printed or CNC prototypes for your first production run, this gets you the small quantity you need to show your customers what kind of design you can do, at a fraction of the cost to produce by injection molding. The smiles on the customers faces when we deliver is something that pushes us to delivery even better next time.

For this delivery set, urethane casting with primer paint, soft black rubber casting for the tires on vehicles, and happiness on our customers faces.

Car Toys Primed Kit
Urethane Casted Rubber and Wheels
Urethane Casted Wheels
Urethane Casted Car Toy Wheels Tires