Watch Parts Galore

Beautiful, intricate parts of watch shell. Our customer is making a one of a kind on-the-go medical monitor which can be carried on the wrist. We are providing the parts to them. The shells are 3D printed with high precision, something our industrial white material is highly capable of doing. We deliver fast turn time, we deliver quality, and we deliver trust to our customers.

At delivery time, these parts are professionally urethane casted, in order to provide a safe, clean plastic that is safe to wear, and non-toxic. At larger volumes, these urethane casted parts are much faster and cheaper than traditional injection molded parts.

Also included is a set of watertight o-ring seals. Which is urethane casted rubber with a controlled hardness. Our hardness of rubber is selectable on the Shore-D scale. Color is also changeable.

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3D Printed Watch Back Cover

Back Cover


Urethane casted Rubber O-ring

Rubber O-ring

Urethane Casted Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket