Urethane Casting Case

Urethane Casting and Polishing Work

This particular project is quite involved, with a total part count of 23 to assembly one complete case. All parts are first CNC cut for a master run. Then mold is created from the CNC parts. This process is necessary since the parts are large with thin walls. Additionally, since there is a large number of parts being made, multiple molds can be created using the same CNC masters.

After casting, a nice black spray and polish is done over these case covers to provide a sleek look for our customers. High polish is definitely a plus to be used in show rooms, product displays, and initial delivery of products before your parts are completed in a mold factory. We can turn these much faster so your iterations and initial production time is not delayed. This allows you to work out all of the bugs before paying for expensive injection molds. Multiple iterations can be done cheaply with 3D printing and urethane casting to provide an efficient method for initial production rather than revising your injection molds over and over again.

Our production team is able to bring you quality, price, and speed. Our engineering support has first class knowledge and will provide you with all of our experience with production, because we understand you want to design your heart out and not worried about the manufacturing details. This is the Inception3D service.

Urethane Casted Battery Case

Urethane Casted Battery Case