miniture skateboarder 3D printed

Ultra Miniture Toy Parts

Toys are always a popular category. These toys are ready to be casted into metal parts. Since the items are very small, the details are very crucial to a successful casting. Otherwise it will look like a blur. These state of the art professional 3D Printers will get you those fine details you need, at a price previously unheard of in the 3D Printing industry. We offer an instant quote system which you do a quick no hassle quote with us that will get you a target price that you want. If you are going for a lot of prints, contact us and we can arrange special deals for large orders.

Details, Quality, and customer satisfaction.

miniture 3D printed spaceship

Miniture spaceship

metal casting tongue rings

Pair of tongue rings

3D Printed miniature screw valve toy

Screw Valve Miniture Part

3D Printed tongue ring for metal casting

Tongue Ring to be made into metal