Genapsys Front Left

Engineering a new future

When James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix nature of our DNA, they probably didn’t think a machine that is smaller than a laptop will be able to read your genetics one day. Today, DNA sequencers are a commercial reality, companies are racing to win the next big game in genetics, and that starts with building analyses machines cheaper, better, and more advanced than any that came before it. We are glad to be a part of Genapsys in their search for the biggest small thing that defines who we are. We helped Genapsys in creating prototype for one of their earliest units, a sequencer that is very advanced also needs a shell that is very advanced, easy to use, and provide many advanced functions that were not typical of your average industrial covers. As always, some beautiful shots of the finished products, as you can see, we are particular proud of the way these came out.

Genapsys Sequencer Front
Genapsys Sequencer Front Right
Genapsys Sequencer Front Left
Genapsys Sequencer Front Right

The paint job for this device is provided both inside and outside. Having a strict requirement from the customer gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves, needless to say, they are a happy and repeat customer for us.

Fitting is also very important to not let the inside show. This is pretty simple for Inception3D since all of our products will go through this process as a standard. We make sure every single item we ship out is properly fitted and will replace them with new ones if this tolerance is not met. Even though our customers may not always specify tolerance requirements, having a fitting product is very important result of quality craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in having very high yield due from excellent quality control. Here you see some production QA shots where test fitting are conducted, these images are showing the failed items. Along with some quality assurance shots.

Genapsys Sequencer Fit Failed
Genapsys Sequencer Top
Genapsys Sequencer Fit Test
Genapsys Sequencer Fit Test


Thank you Genapsys, for changing the world one DNA at a time. We thoroughly enjoyed to be a part of your revolution for the future.