CNC Parts Aluminum Wheel

Don’t you love the smell of freshly milled aluminum in the morning?

Then you come to the right place! There’s nothing like a freshly cut part from a CNC machine. As you can probably imagine, cutting a wheel like this is not the easiest job in the world. It takes a skilled machinist to pull something like this off the first time around. At Inception3D, we have the expertise to make your next job easier, faster, and cheaper. Our shop is so streamlined that it is often cheaper to cut a new piece rather than fixing an existing piece.

This is an example of a mold we cut in order to produce a plastic dome. Even though we are cold casting and doesn’t require a metal mold, if you are producing a lot, a metal mold would be necessary to maintain the quality throughout the production process. As rubber molds are fast and cheap, the tolerance is still low due to the plasticity of the mold. Having a metal mold will guarantee your parts come out perfect each and every time. It will still be a magnitude cheaper and faster than steel molds since it is not suitable for injection molding.

CNC Parts Aluminum Mold


Here’s some pieces we turned on the lathe:

CNC Parts Aluminum CNC Parts Aluminum

And lastly, a part hot in action.

CNC Parts Aluminum in Action