3D Printing Chinese Room

Digital Architecture

This is a Chinese styled room. With traditional wall coverings and showing how big the actual room will be, the unusual shape of the room really defines the space with a touch of the modern world.

Inception3D has seen many architecture buildings come through its door. Each one is just as unique as the one that came before it. We have office buildings, schools, homes, industrial, and grand pavilions, captured elegantly by Eisenman.

“The problem with digital architecture is that an algorithm can produce endless variations, so an architect has many choices.”

Peter Eisenman

3D Printing have enabled the architecture field to literally build their dreams. Before, it will take an architect firm from a month to half a year to build a model building. Cutting it down to a matter of a few days, it really is revolutionary. The ability to present these models is one of the best ways they can see the light of day.

This water tower came out exceptionally well, with details showing maintenance locations and getting to them, you can really imagine how large the building will be with a model, and how people can gain access to these types of buildings. Needless to say, this print was quite difficult and requires many supports, but nothing we can’t handle.

3D Print Architecture Water Tower 3D Printed Water Tower Closeup

Here’s an example of a modern house. Showing multiple levels and you can easily see the interior and how the space flows from an larger perspective. This particular work is a student in San Francisco, thanks for letting us use your pictures!

3D Printed Modern House 3D Printed Modern House Side