3D Test print ultra detail

3D Printing Tests

The “crab” image above is printer test. The size is less than a quarter overall. We pride ourselves to be able to provide customers with detailed prints because we know every sharp corner is important to them. Therefore, we make it our mission to make sure every single part that comes out of our factory satisfies their needs and every single piece comes out as flawless as a perfectly tuned machine will allow.

By doing test runs between prints, we will make sure that our machine is up to specifications, up to tolerances, and up to our expectations. This way we can focus on giving our customers the attention they deserve.

Below is a turbine object which will test print support system and wall thickness to the extreme. from 0.2mm to 2mm turbine blades can be made this way. Also some snowflake balls just for fun.

3D print Proeller test

Propeller Test Print

3D test Print snowball

Snowball Test Print