We provide the very best 3D printing has to offer today with the latest technology and unparalleled accuracy in our prints. Our 3500HD printer can print wall sizes down to quarter millimeter and resolution down to 16 microns.
We provide a very fast turn service with these machines at incredible prices, along with instant quote and full customer service for every print you do with us.
If you want the fastest turn with industrial grade state of the art printers to work at your fingertips, you need to talk to us!
Click on the instant quote button, and upload your file to us directly for an instant quote. If you have some special file, you can always upload, and ask us to take a look or make adjustments or recommendations before you order. Also, we have a chat system on our website if you need any help during this process.
3500 HD Semi Clear Industrial – Resolution (16um) – Tolerance (100um)
7000 Industrial White Material – Resolution (25um) – Tolerance (250um)
Desktop Semi Clear – Resolution (25um) – Tolerance (500um)
Machining is usually done in metal, and no matter how strong the 3D printed plastic is, metal has better characteristics in terms of temperature, strength, and detailed accuracy. Also machining machine most materials.
3D printing gets expensive when a certain volume is reached, usually around 20 pcs of large printed items. At this point, casting becomes a much better option for small sized productions. You will have a wide selection of materials to use, color, and
Easiest way is to try out quoting system: http://inception3d.com/instantquote/
You can always email us or chat with us on our website for any questions or complications.
Currently we support OBJ, STL, WRL, and zipped objects of those types. We can also convert source files for you automatically and any other file manually.
3D object files such as OBJ, STL, WRL for instant quote and any other 3D object files we can convert, including source files. File triangle count matters a lot since we are capable of printing high quality parts that require the high resolution files. Ask us if you are not sure and we can always take a look.
We can print most designs, however, if you have wall thickness less than 0.5mm it becomes very fragile and can sometimes cause a fail to print. We will warn you if this is the case and ask if you would like to proceed. If the object is structurally sound it usually is not an issue.
For very high accuracy print, with small walls, use 3500 with semiclear material.
For high volume and high accuracy prints, use 7000 with white material, the material is stronger and can support bigger prints.
For price and medium accuracy prints, we recommend using desktop printer such as our Form2 printers.
We charge a shipping fee for anyone that requires shipping, prices are calculated based on UPS pricing from our location to yours. There is no packaging charges as we always are very careful to make sure you print arrives in perfect condition. Of course, if you are local, pickup is always free and welcomed! We love to meet our customer.
We offer variety of shipping methods at varying cost to your location, use our instant quoting system to see how much and how fast it will take to your location.
3 days with the 3500, 4 days with the 7000 printer. And 2 days with the Form2.
We have a formula that takes account of the object volume and geometry to calculate the fastest and cheapest way to make your print. This formula is built into our website and varies for each printer.